In the middle of the crazy chaos of work and school and piano and laundry and the dog who got into the neighbor’s trash again and trying to serve meals not from the drive through and soccer and homework and all the things, you carve out a spot for family pictures.

You plan and shop and hunt for the shoes and fix the boy’s hair that has a mind of its own. You place the bow and pray she’ll wear it for five minutes, maybe. You beg and plead and bribe with ice cream or skittles and tell her that Ms. Stacey can probably fix that zit. Then at the last minute you do your makeup as you hold your breath that the tantrum gods will be nice today.

As I brush that stray hair from your eye, I see it. I see how hard you work. I see the exhaustion from the never-ending ‘balancing’ of it all. We lock eyes for just a second and I understand. I get it and I am proud of you. You did it! You are all here and no one’s bleeding! So when you sit down at my computer and see that image of your family that you work so hard for and the tears fall, that is success for me. Real success.

If you think we would make a good fit, call me at (225) 505-7906 and let’s discuss the details.


Thank you for this honor!

Stacey Carruth Foretich